Success depends not only on a leader’s thoughts and actions, but also on clear alignment with employees' thoughts and actions.  When hands and minds are aligned, strategic change can deliver exceptional results. By integrating the art of leadership with the science of the mind, leading companies are now accelerating execution by improving the entire organization's cognitive capability, which we refer to as developing Mindspan.

Neuroleadership programs span the gap between awareness of the mind's inner workings and practical application to challenging business problems and opportunities. Mindspan program participants report significant improvements in:

  • aligning team-based performance and decision-making
  • thinking and acting more strategically and creatively
  • linking cause-and-effect relationships of the business
  • strengthening cognitive abilities and relationships

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Lori J. Cross

"Without doubt, the most inspirational leader I have ever seen in action. Anybody looking for a mover, shaker and results orientated individual should contact Lori."

Dawn Clarke
Human Resources
Hawker Pacific Aerospace